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About our work:

On the basis of site Pravoved.kg provided legal services in the online mode, and at the office of the selected advisory lawyer. Services are constantly practitioners based on the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

The order of registration requests consultations, their cost, the order of execution of requests is very simple and accessible to any person with Internet access. 

If you have questions, please contact listed in the "Contacts" section of this website. We will be glad to help you!



To provide access to legal services for the population of Kyrgyzstan and foreign persons, to strengthen public confidence in the law, to raise the level of legal awareness and legal literacy, to ensure rapid delivery of legal services.

Types of services:

1. Work with contracts: 

- Preparation and participation in the pre-contractual negotiations, as well as in other negotiations relating to the performance of a contract;

- Development and drafting of contractsconsidering the prevailing conditions and wishes;

- Legal support of contracting procedure, participation of the lawyer at the certification and registration of contracts;

- Examination of contracts, the study on the compliance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, recommendations and risk assessment;

- Examination of contracts in English.


2. Legal advice: 

- In-depth analysis on legal matters (except for matters of criminal law); 

- Written (legal opinions and information that are sent to the customer by e-mail) and verbal advice by telephone, Skype and during a personal meeting); 

- Providing advice in English;

- The mandatory inclusion of practical recommendations in consultation; 

- Preparation of documents, if necessary.

Legal advice is provided in a clear and understandable in Russian or English (when prompted) languages in the following areas:

- Corporate law (the activities of commercial organizations); 

- Questions of civil law of the Kyrgyz Republic (the activities of other entities, capable and able individuals, citizenship, the right to property and the right to use, real estate and personal property, transactions, contracts, intellectual property rights, etc.); 

- Questions of civil procedure of the Kyrgyz Republic (the trial in the first instance, court of appeal, the supervisory instance, procedural documents, etc.);

- Questions of tax law of the Kyrgyz Republic (the calculation and payment of income tax, income tax, VAT, sales tax, property tax, tax audits, etc.);

- Labour law issues of the Kyrgyz Republic (hiring and firing, pay, rest periods and holidays, labor contract, disciplinary action, etc.);

- Questions of labour protection and compensations of health damage of employees (labour injuries damage compensations cases: investigation, disability group determination, insurance of liability of employer for compensations of health damage of employees in cases of labour injuries, etc);

- Family law of the Kyrgyz Republic (marriage, common property of the spouses, minor children, divorce, etc.);

- Questions of land law of the Kyrgyz Republic (the right of ownership and use of the land plot, providing the land, land transactions, easements, etc.);

- Questions of international law (order of execution of the interstate and intergovernmental agreements to which the Kyrgyz Republic);

- Other issues arising in the field of legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, but not related to the criminal, criminal procedure, penal legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on administrative responsibility.

Deadlines of services:

Legal advice is provided in a period of not more than three working days from the date of registration of the relevant request and full payment. 

Services to work with the contracts are in a period agreed with the customer in each customer's request. 

Team of lawyers Pravoved.kg committed to customer service as soon as possible.

Mode of customer service (work):

All requests from clients are processed from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 (except public holidays). The rest of the requests may be filed and recorded, but the time to process them begins to run from the onset of the above working hours.


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